Hi there! Lovely to see you here on The Kitchen Misses. TKM was born after a short but productive little brainstorming session between Jolien and Nausikaä, two communication science students with a passion for cooking and baking. We're hoping to create easy, delicious recipes suitable for all diets and lifestyles. The vegan meals will be created by Nausikaä, author of Sweet Simple Cooking, the vegetarian recipes will be developed by Jolien, an all-round creative being.

What can you expect from us and TKM? We'll be providing you with original breakfast ideas, lunch recipes, mouth-watering dinners, unbelievably gorgeous desserts and, of course, the necessary snacks to power you through any day. As for you, we're hoping to see you back regularly and we hope you'll enjoy the recipes shared on this website. Have a sweet day!

Nausikaä (right)
At 21 years old, Nausikaä is browsing through her passions as she tries to figure out her life. Writing, cooking, developing creative projects like TKM, her lifestyle blog 'Fashionatic', her cookbook and her fantasy novels are only a few of them. By sharing her recipes she hopes to inspire people to live a more plantbased lifestyle or to surprise their tastebuds.

Jolien (left)
20 years old and thoroughly in love with baking and developing new recipes, Jolien is beyond excited to share her passion with the world through The Kitchen Misses. Sweet treats to satisfy your cravings and brighten even the gloomiest of days.

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