Because The Kitchen Misses are concerned about your tastebuds even when they're traveling abroad, we've come up with a way to make sure you're treating yourself right every day of the year. To kick off this new series, we're taking you to the sunny South of Spain, where Gaudi let his creativity roam freely, and the Rambla is primarily known for its pick-pocketing business. 

Our hearts slightly fluttered upon entering La Besnéta, a completely vegan pastisseria close to Plaça del Sol. From dense chocolate muffins with a delicious frosting to carrot cake, lemon pie, and freshly made tiramisu to make your mouth water instantly. With our duty to report the quality of the desserts in mind, we felt obliged to try a massive piece of carrot cake and a red velvet muffin with sugar frosting. Needless to say, both passed the test and made us crave more cake.

WHERE TO GO: La Besnéta, Carrer de Terol 26

When in Spain, try the typical food and dutifully report back. With this motto in mind (and a Sangria in our hands), we headed towards BarCeloneta, a completely vegan tapas bar serving several kinds of Sangria and raw desserts. With a Diana sangria in the hand and a table filled with several kinds of tapas, we got to business. We tried the Tapas Platter, the Vegan Alien, the Patatas Bravas and the green focaccia bread. While The Vegan Alien definitely won the Instagram-worthy award, the patatas bravas were incredibly delicious and well-spiced. 

WHERE TO GO: BarCeloneta, Calle Sevilla 70

If you're feeling a tad fancy, yet you're still on a budget, Teresa Carles is a great place to end a long day of walking. TC is a vegetarian restaurant offering a bunch of vegan options like the lasanyuki, which is the dish we tried. A delicious lasagne with a light tomato sauce, balsamico and beet sprouts most certainly passed our taste-test, however, for the somewhat steeper price we wouldn't have mind a slightly larger portion.

WHERE TO GO: Teresa Carles, Jovellanos 2

For a burger that reminds you of the famous M-brand, yet tastes miles better (or should we say kilometers, since we're in Europe?), La Trocadero is where it's at! The place is bright and airy, with a counter that makes you believe you're in a regular burger-place, yet the burgers, hot dogs, salads, nuggets and onion rings are 100% plantbased. We tried the LTClassic, the Campburg and the nachos with guac and pico de gallo. The burger buns were soft, the nachos crispy and the fries oily. That's pretty much all we need to be satisfied (apart from the fact that our food has to taste good as well, of course). If you're visiting La Sagrada Familia, make sure to pass by this wonderful burger place!

WHERE TO GO: La Trocadero, Marina 269

Santoni cafe vegano is a 100 % vegan restaurant with plenty of options: pizza's, burgers, empailladas, croissants, sandwiches, smoothies and detox juices. We started of with some colorful detox juices: the carrot-kiwi juice and the cucumber-ginger juice, which made us feel all healthy and energized, before diving into the main meal, the core of the lunch-business thingy. We tried the vegan beetroot burger with a salad and roasted potatoes and the pizza with tomatoes, vegan mozzarella and spinach. This place is definitly worth a visit if you're stuck on a tight budget and need a quick bite to eat.

                              WHERE TO GO: Santoni cafe vegano, Ronda de Sant Antoni, 63

During our walk along the beach in Barceloneta, we happened to stumble upon La Héladeria Mexicana, a little café offering vegan burritos, taco's and ice cream. We tasted the banana split flavor and the Mexican vanilla. Both were soft and rich in taste, yet the portion sizes were rather small (when keeping the steep price of €2,95 for a single serving in mind). The place itself is pretty cute and picture-worthy, definitely a must-visit!

WHERE TO GO: La Héladeria Mexicana, Carrer de Mestrança 49

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